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      Cindy Rella

        Good Morning/Afternoon/evening wherever you are in the world.

        I have a new client come to me who use to be a coach herself at a studio I worked at when I first started.

        She has been diagnosed with Myotonic Dystrophy Id say about 8 years ago. Obviously, her prognosis isn’t great and also suffers from Narcolepsy and Colitis.

        She has been Hypervigilent in her therapies and training and has managed to slow the progression of the disease and disability. We have a disability fund here in Australia that allows anyone with a liability to have therapies or training that will contribute towards their quality of life.

        Unfortunately with the Covid last year and the permanent closure of the studio she once worked at, along with the retirement from the industry from her last trainer  (which she feels let down over) Her disability has deteriorated considerably, she was able to get some equipment for home to train with, but it was not the same as being in a gym and having someone push her.

        She has come to me as she has seen how I work with other clients that have disabilities, but this one is unique to me.  I have worked with MS sufferers but not MD.

        She trains herself super hard almost 3 hours a day, (which to me is far too much) and now wants to come to me to see if I can help her in any way.

        I explained that I don’t have the experience, but she wasn’t fussed as she knows that I will look at all avenues and reach out to other knowledgeable like-minded humans like yourselves to look at ways to help slow the progression down and hopefully be able to get some strength back into her body.

        I had a Power Plate gifted to me which I don’t have too much experience on, but my knowledge of what it can do, it instinctively comes to mind that could help with her strength training, and reducing the time she is training. I know the basics as I have completed the Discover course but would like further guidance from more experienced users on here.

        There doesn’t seem to be too much research out there for these type of sufferers.  She has gone to university studying health and wellbeing before her diagnosis and is always looking for research in her conditions which she hasn’t been able to find too much.

        I would really love some guidance in how best to help her quality of life for her young kids.  I know she is desperate, as she is a single mum after finding the strength after her diagnosis to leaving her controlling abusive husband, so her quality and longevity of life for her is number one to make sure the kids are well looked after before her time comes.

        Please feel free to message me on or via this feed.


        Thank you again!

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