How to be sure your Program Design is Complete

Written by admin on July 2, 2013

Many are in search for a program design which allows for intensity, active recovery, mobility, strength, stability, power etc, however it can be difficult to decide what to do and when.

It can also be difficult to formulate a structure which allows freedom to choose drills to meet the demands of various populations.

In an effort to aid trainers in being sure their program design is complete, I have created what we are calling the 4 Quadrant Training Model (4Q Training)

The quadrants

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Live from Sydney, How our Hips are like the Opera House

Written by admin on January 31, 2012

At the Institute of Motion, we’re constantly traveling, and in our travels we often think about how structures in nature and in our surroundings might teach us about the structure of the body.

Here, Michol talks about the Sydney Opera House, and how it reminds him of the structure of our hips: