Welcome to the AHHPS Level 3! To get started, you’ll find the lessons on the right-hand side of this window. Level 3 Learning Objectives: Develop awareness around assessments that can be used for the Individual Determinants of Health (Physical, Mental/Emotional, Social) Identify client Readiness using a systematic approach and modify programs to accommodate a clients […]

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ViPR PRO® Level 1: Functional Strength

A vital component of health and human performance is the ability to generate force based upon a demand. This is called Strength. A subset of strength, is the ability to create purposeful force for a variety of different tasks; with different speeds/angles/loads. We call this Functional Strength, or in other words Being Farm Strong. In this course, you […]

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ViPR PRO® Level 2: Team Training – Part 1

The ViPR PRO® Team Training is a two parts course, a video–rich curriculum that will teach you everything you need to know about ViPR PRO® Team Training – which we call a Training Camp. How to decide your camp, how to set it up, how to program, and how to effectively and authentically coach ViPR PRO® […]

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In 14 weeks, you’ll continue to master a method that will boost your effectiveness and client retention for the rest of your career. […]

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ViPR PRO® Fundamentals

The ViPR PRO® Fundamentals Course on Platform is a 6 chapter, 60+ lesson, video rich curriculum that will walk you through how to promote resiliency and performance with ViPR PRO®. Each lesson is approximately 5 minutes or less containing video, relevant research and external links, along with quizzes to fortify your comprehension. We’ll explore the sciences that support Loaded Movement Training along with exercise technique, coaching principles, and workouts designed specifically to enhance Mobility, Strength, Power, and Metabolic Conditioning for optimal movement and performance.

This is our “Virtual Book” on ViPR PRO®. […]

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AHHPS: Level 1

Welcome to the Applied Health and Human Performance Specialist program Level 1, a 12-week course on how we program Mechanical Stress for BOTH Health AND Fitness and build a virtual business centered around Program Design. […]

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