Odd-Position Strength 17:09

Odd-Position Strength is the ability to generate force from a VARIETY of different or uncommon postures or positions while maintaining movement integrity. Many sporting activities and life tasks demand the body to move through odd-positions. The tissues of the body must be able to tolerate these demands by lengthening under load (Tensile Strength) while the motor system must be intelligent enough to navigate through odd-positions safely and effectively. 

Note: At 14:10 in this video, it should read "Greater Intermuscular Coordination"

When training in odd-positions while under load, it's important to

  • initiate movement from the hips
  • maintain length in the spine
  • transition through postures smoothly (with Rhythm and Timing)
  • practice the movement unloaded or with very light load initially
  • start with slow speeds before progressing to faster motion

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