Here’s what to expect over the 12 Modules and our expectations of you in order to have a great experience and earn your credential. 

Curriculum Overview

  • Module 1: Intro to 4Q Metabolic
  • Module 2: Sub-threshold Intensity State State (SISS)
  • Module 3: Sub-threshold Intensity Interval Training (SIIT)
  • Module 4: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Module 5: High Intensity Steady State (HISS)
  • Module 6: 4Q Metabolic Programming Considerations
  • Module 7: Intro to 4Q Recovery
  • Module 8: Local Active and Local Passive Recovery (LAR and LPR)
  • Module 9: Global Active and Global Passive Recovery (GAR and GPR)
  • Module 10: Weight Management Programming Guidelines
  • Module 11: Athletic Development Programming Guidelines
  • Module 12: Successful Aging Programming Guidelines

Modules are sometimes referred to as "Weeks" within the curriculum.

Pre-recorded Events (There are no live events you need to schedule for):

  • Webinars have been Pre-recorded and are posted in each module.
  • Pre-recorded Community Workouts: 
    • 4 Metabolic Sessions and 2 Recovery Sessions in total have been recorded
    • This will be housed in the curriculum. (Workouts are completely optional, but may be insightful and a lot of fun!). You can fast forward through the video lesson to complete the lesson.

Discussion Forum:

  • A discussion forum Assignment will be posted weekly in the curriculum
  • Completion of the Weekly Assignment is optional. It is designed to help you build a business and to share best practices with the AHHPS community. IoM will not review these assignments.
  • The Discussion Forum can also be used to ask questions. Please allow up to one week for a response.
  • This is a judgement-free zone. Personal attacks or comments perceived to be negative will not be tolerated and you may be removed from the program with no refund.
  • Please keep the topics of your posts within the realm of health and fitness.
  • Please refrain from speaking ill of any other companies/people/products/services within the industry

Program Builder

  • Most assignments will revolve around the Program Builder. Make sure you keep your subscription on to develop programs for the assignments and your business!
  • Technical issues around Program Builder can be sent to quentin@instituteofmotion.com
  • The Program Builder is an on-going development for us. We will be working on improving it throughout the duration of your experience so keep that in mind with any glitches or downtime you may experience. 


Earning Your Credential:

  • Complete and Pass Exam 1 with an 89% or higher
    • Exam 1 is found in Module 6. 
    • It’s multiple choice and the questions are derived from material in Modules 1-6.
    • Unlimited re-takes at no cost
  • Complete and Pass Exam 2 with an 89% or higher.
    • Exam 2 is found in Week 12.
    • Multiple Choice and the questions are derived from Modules 7-12
    • Unlimited re-takes at no cost

Most importantly, #staycurious!